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  • Ruxton Multi-Vider drop-lead pencil & slide rule
  • Rare Otis King Model K - white scales on black background
  • Pocket Hexadecimal Slide Adder for Computer Programmers
  • Post 1824 Dring & Fage Alcohol Gauging Rule
  • Darnley’s Rotable Lightning Calculator/Pencil Case
  • Lawrence Antenna (classified by UK & US during WWII) for Radar Beam Pattern Detection
  • Makeba Kombinator pencil & slide rule
  • Rare Carbic-made Fischer Calculator
  • For Calculating Strength of Liquids in Twaddells !!
  • PTT rule for Cable Radio (Signal Loss/dB)
  • Smallest drum (≈ 2.4m) made by LOGA

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You searched for: LOGOMAT
3301 Pocket Retail paper/plastic

Extra accuracy from the long-scale C scale​

 LOGOMAT 3301 Pocket Retail
1300/1301 Pocket Basic long-scale aluminium/plastic

​Stands out from Basic models from other makers because of quality & long-scale spiral D scale

LOGOMAT 1300/1301 Pocket Basic Long-scale
1300/1302 Pocket Basic long-scale aluminium/plastic

​Stands out from Basic models from other makers because of quality & long-scale spiral D & K scales

LOGOMAT 1300/1302 Pocket Basic Long-scale
2001 PfiffiKUS Lilliput Basic long-scale - early aluminium/plastic

​PffifiKUS = smart aid (later version duplex) - innovative but impractical single scale design & a pain to calculate with

LOGOMAT 2001 PfiffiKUS Lilliput Basic long-scale - early
2300 Universal long-scale plastic

Superb & unusual design + magnifying bar held in position magnetically + 6 interchangeable discs/scale layouts

LOGOMAT 2300 Universal Long-scale
4605 Tankboy Pocket Conversion plastic

Slide chart for fuel(tank) consumption

LOGOMAT 4605 Tankboy Pocket Conversion
5105 pr‰miller Pocket Alcohol plastic

For calculating legally allowable units of alcohol/type of drink for given body mass ​

LOGOMAT 5105 Pocket Alcohol
De Beers Retail plastic

​Slide chart specially commissioned by De Beers Industrial Diamond Division

LOGOMAT De Beers Retail
Eckardt Conversion plastic

​Slide chart specially commissioned Eckardt Mess- und Regeltechnik - pressure conversion on front & temperature conversion on back

LOGOMAT Eckardt Conversion
Kalorien Zaehler Medical plastic

Calorie Counter​ based on patented (DE2160413) design by Heinrich Kundisch + table of calorific values of many foods

LOGOMAT Kalorien Zaehler Medical