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  • Unusual non-logarithmic squaring desktop QR 41 model by Dennert & Pape (D&P)
  • Colour combinations slide rule for Interior Designers
  • Professor Fuller’s Drum Calculator from 1878 - made by W.F. Stanley
  • Modern Kienzle wristwatch with slide rule bezel calculator
  • Ruxton Multi-Vider drop-lead pencil & slide rule
  • Rare Otis King Model N for Retail & Monetary with white scales (422 & 424) on a black background
  • Darnley’s Rotable Lightning Calculator/Pencil Case
  • Design for this Antenna Radar Beam Pattern Detection slide rule was classified during WWII by UK & US governments - made by Lawrence
  • Makeba Kombinator pencil & slide rule
  • Rare Carbic-made Fischer Calculator
  • Specialist slide rule for a national home cable radio broadcasting system offered in The Netherlands in the 1900s
  • Smallest drum (≈ 2.4m) made by LOGA

Son of a bus driver ....


My mother always insisted he was a “coach driver” but no matter, from my father I inherited a love of cars and driving. I was born in England but apart from growing up and marrying Ros in the UK, since 1975 the family home has been in one of the main bulb-growing area of The Netherlands. Ros and I hold dual Dutch and British nationality - so no BREXIT worries!

I worked 25 years for an Oil Major – ending up as a Global I.T. Strategist. Retiring early, Ros and I enjoy travelling and watching our married daughter Siân’s family grow up – we have a granddaughter Zara and a grandson Owen.

By harnessing the WWW to share my slide rule collection and my published articles will, I hope, provide a useful source of information to other avid collectors or just surfing visitors to the site.

I am a member of the UK Slide Rule Circle, the Dutch Circle for Historical Calculating Instruments and the German Rechenschieber-Sammler (RST) Group. I am also a Fellow, 2011 Award winner and Director of the American Oughtred Society.

If you have any questions or you are just looking for a good home for your trusty slide rule please use the details shown in the footer or the CONTACT tab to get in touch.

Eur Ing. David G Rance