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  • ARISTO 90107 specially commissioned model for calculating the lifespan of filament lightbulbs
  • Koch, Huxhold & Hannemann (KHH) - made the surprising System Korte slide rule that does addition & subtraction
  • Smallwood Folding Shoe Sizing Stick in metric for French shoe sizes 10-48 in increments of a Paris point (⅔ cm)
  • Lawrence MIT Antenna slide rule for radar antenna performance was classified during WWII by UK & US governments
  • ALRO-made ruler unusually with a cursor for analysing ECG printouts of the cardiac Sinus Rhythms
  • Hatters Gauge - for measuring the size of a hat but unusually calibrated in metric & imperial
  • Glovers Rule - for measuring the length of a glove in imperial inches
  • Unusual non-logarithmic QR 41 military model by Dennert & Pape (D&P) for training anti-aircraft gunners
  • Colour combinations slide rule made by German WH-Wohnen for Interior Designers
  • Professor Fuller’s Drum Calculator from 1878 - made by W.F. Stanley
  • Modern wristwatch with slide rule bezel calculator made by German maker Kienzle
  • Ruxton made Multi-Vider combined drop-lead pencil & slide rule
  • Rare Otis King Model N for Retail & Monetary with white scales (422 & 424) on a black background
  • Darnley’s Rotable Lightning Calculator/Pencil Case calculating aid
  • Makeba made Kombinator combination pencil & slide rule
  • Rare Carbic-made Fischer Calculator slide rule
  • Specialist slide rule for a national home cable radio broadcasting system offered in The Netherlands from 1930 to1970
  • Smallest drum (≈ 2.4m) made by renowned Swiss maker LOGA

My stories ....

A dream to do a “J. K. Rowling” and write a book for children has yet to happen but as the passion for my hobby took hold so did writing about slide rules and other calculating aids - at least my often light-hearted take on them.

Most are written in English but the odd one is in Dutch. I publish most of my articles in one of the slide rule collector-orientated publications:

  • US: Half-yearly Journal of the Oughtred Society (JOS)
  • UK: Annual Slide Rule Gazette, half-yearly Skid Stick (SS) and monthly electronic news sheet
  • NL: Mededeling en Informatie voor Rekenlinialenverzamelaars (MIR) newsletter
  • DE: Rechenschieber-Brief electronic newsletter (now superseded by online publication via the website)
  • xx: Annual Proceedings of the International Meetings (IM's) since 1995

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