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Blundell Harling Ltd. (BH): P3679

Blundell Harling Ltd. (BH) P3679

Details of: Blundell Harling Ltd. (BH) - P3679

Type? Generic name (e.g. Enhanced Mannheim) or function/use for special models (e.g. Meteorology). If not the “standard” 25cm linear length proceeded by the form (e.g. Demonstration, Desktop, Pocket, Waistcoat, Lilliput or Book) + suffix when needed to distinguish between different versions (e.g. early or late). Music Chord Computer
Sort? L/C/D/T/W/X where L=Linear, C=circular, D=Drum, T=tubular, W=watch, X=miscellaneous (i.e. the rest) L
Construction? Basic construction form of the body i.e. Closed/solid frame or Open frame or Duplex or Other Duplex
Material? Basic description: ivory/bone/wood/bakelite/plastic/metal/cardboard or combinations e.g. wood/veneered, wood/painted, etc plastic/metal
Length? Mostly length in cm or ” (inches) of the D scale but excluding any scale extensions. But for circular or watch slide rules it is the diameter & for tubular or drum slide rules it is the overall linear scale length. For other mechanical aids it is the physical length. 8¾"
Scales front? Standard (not maker’s) symbols for scales on front face e.g. A = X² (1-100) but § = generic symbol (signum sectiōnis) for any non-standard scale + scales between solidi / / are on the slide(s) whereas scales after vertical line | or after reversed solidus \ are on a straight or bevelled top or bottom side edge §
Scales back? Standard (not maker’s) symbols for scales on back face e.g. S = sine (5° to 90° & 85° to 0°) or sin(x) but § = generic symbol (signum sectiōnis) for any non-standard scale + scales between solidi / / are on the back of slide(s) but scales listed after / / - notation are on another surface e.g. back of stock or inside a lid §
Cursor type? Basic description (incl. material) + no. of hairlines, etc on any cursor(s) or alternative to a cursor - e.g. a stylus cursor windows
Condition? Cn where n = 0-6 condition/quality scale where 0 = brand new in box & 6 = broken C1
Date? YYYY for year(s) of production or an approximation/range of years 1970
Extras? Basic description of any accessories - e.g. case or stand + where relevant, an accreditation for image, etc clear plastic sleeve
Instructions? Details like “on back of rule” and/or language of instruction sheet/booklet - generic or instructions for common layouts usually not listed Summarised on the front & back + full instructions in accompanying leaflet
Booklet (PDF)? Downloadable .PDF copy of unusual or uncommon model specific instructions download
Comments ? Any special or noteworthy traits + significant use-related facts + pertinent details of scales/tables in well of stock + any significant tables, etc on the back of the stock

Slide chart specially commissioned by UK copyright holder Dudely Fulller Associates - design invented by musician Dudley Fuller

In-Out? MM-YYYY / MM-YYYY of the date added/left the collection or <YYYY if exact MM-YYYY no longer known 11-2005/

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