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ALRO (All-Round): WeM (AC-1.nn)

ALRO WeM (AC-1.nn) Rietz

Details of: ALRO (All-Round) - WeM (AC-1.nn)

Type? A generic name (e.g. Rietz) or function/use for specialist models (e.g. Meteorology) for grouping similar models across makers. If not the “standard” 25cm linear length, preceded by the form (i.e. Demonstration, Desktop, Pocket, Waistcoat, Lilliput or Book) & when needed, a suffix to distinguish between versions (e.g. early or late). Rietz
Sort? L/C/D/T/W/X where L=Linear, C=circular, D=Drum, T=tubular, W=watch, X=miscellaneous (i.e. the rest) C
Construction? Basic construction form of the body i.e. Closed/solid frame or Open frame or Duplex or Other Other
Material? Basic description: ivory/bone/wood/bakelite/plastic/metal/cardboard or combinations e.g. wood/veneered, wood/painted, etc metal/paper
Length? Mostly the linear length of the D scale (in cm or inches) excluding any extensions. For circular/watch slide rules it is the diameter but for helical/tubular/drum slide rules it is the overall scale length. For other calculating aids it is the physical length. Ø 13cm
Scales front? Standard (not maker’s) symbols for scales on front face e.g. A = X² (1-100) but § = generic symbol (signum sectiōnis) for any non-standard scale + scales between solidi / / are on the slide(s) whereas scales after vertical line | or after reversed solidus \ are on a straight or bevelled top or bottom side edge S,T,S&T,B,C / D,A,DI,K
Scales back? Standard (not maker’s) symbols for scales on back face e.g. S = sine (5° to 90° & 85° to 0°) or sin(x) but § = generic symbol (signum sectiōnis) for any non-standard scale + scales between solidi / / are on the back of slide(s) but scales listed after / / - notation are on another surface e.g. back of stock or inside a lid
Cursor type? Basic description (incl. material) + no. of hairlines, etc on any cursor(s) or alternative to a cursor - e.g. a stylus plastic circular - 1 hairline
Condition? Cn where n = 0-6  condition/quality scale where 0 = brand new in box & 6 = broken   C4
Date? YYYY for year(s) of production or an approximation/range of years 1945-1950
Extras? Basic description of any accessories - e.g. case or stand + where relevant, an accreditation for image, etc metal box doubling as desk stand
Instructions? Details like “on back of rule” and/or language of instruction sheet/booklet - generic or instructions for common layouts usually not listed
Comments ? Any special or noteworthy traits + significant use-related facts + pertinent details of scales/tables in well of stock + any significant tables, etc on the back of the stock

WeM is part of alternative model numbering system + WeM = possibly Werktuig- en Machinebouw (mechanical engineering/machine industry) + possible forerunner to later (?) 200 R

In-Out? MM-YYYY / MM-YYYY of the date added/left the collection or <YYYY if exact MM-YYYY no longer known <2010/

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10 R (AC-1.45a) Waistcoat Rietz
100 R (AC-1.04a) Rietz - H
100 R (AC-1.04b) Rietz - early
1010 Commercial (AC-1.17) Business long-scale
1010 Commercial (AC-1.18) Business long-scale
200 R (AC-1.05a) Rietz
200 R (AC-1.05a) Rietz - green finish
200 R (AC-1.05a) Rietz - H early
200 R (AC-1.05a) Rietz - two-tone paper discs
200 R (AC-1.05b) Rietz - chrome finish
200 R (AC-1.05b) Rietz - copper finish
200 R (AC-1.05b) Rietz - early
200 R (AC-1.05b) Rietz - green paper discs
200 R (AC-1.05b) Rietz - H
200 R (AC-1.05b) Rietz - H zinc
200 R (AC-1.05c) Rietz - no stand
200 RL (AC-1.49a) Rietz
200 RL (AC-1.49b) Rietz - monochrome
300 D (AC-1.08a) Darmstadt
300 D (AC-1.08b) Darmstadt - early
400 D (AC-1.09) Darmstadt
400 D (AC-1.nn) Desktop Darmstadt
50 Ng (AC-1.47) Waistcoat Basic Printing/Conversion
50 Nmmi (AC-1.46a) Waistcoat Basic/Conversion
500 N (AC-1.11) Basic
500 N (AC-1.nn) Desktop Basic
500 N Vergouts (AC-1.11) Basic
600 E (AC-1.19) Electro
700 H Philips Emission (AC-1.26) Radio Electronics - early
746 De Muiderkring (AC-1.27) Radio Electronics
746 De Muiderkring (AC-1.nn) Waistcoat Radio Electronics
AL-RO (AC-1.01) Basic Retail- prototype
ALRO-PATENT (AC-1.02) Basic Retail - prototype
AMI-RO-METER Boehringer Ingelheim (AC-4.01) Medical
Azimuth (AC-1.31) Astro Navigation - System van der Zalm
BoB3 (AC-1.nn) Reinforced Concrete - System Dussel
Chem (AC-1.23) Chemical
DAST (AC-6.01) Lilliput Calendar
DECIBEL PTT (AC-1.42) Radio Electronics
DECIBEL PTT (AC-1.43) Pocket Radio Electronics
Delta Lloyd (AC-2.25) Pocket Building
DISCABOIS (AC-1.24) Forestry - System Brouhon
EMF DORDT (AC-3.10) Electro
GRASSO-PERSLUCHT (AC-2.22) Refrigerant/Conversion
Gravura (AC-1.47) Waistcoat Basic Printing/Conversion
gti installatietechniek (AC-2.10) Central Heating
Ha Tex (AC-1.15) Business/Textile - early
Ha Tex (AC-1.16b) Business/Textile
Ha.A2 (AC-1.12) Basic Retail
Klinische Rekencirkel (AC-1.39) Desktop Medical - System Lips
KLM CONVAIR 240 (AC-1.nn) Aviation
KLM CONVAIR 240 (AC-1.nn) Aviation - prototype
KLM Petrol & Oil Tables (AC-1.29) Petroleum/Conversion
KLM Petrol & Oil Tables (AC-1.29) Petroleum/Conversion - early
KLM Petrol & Oil Tables (AC-1.29) Petroleum/Conversion - prototype
KLM SYST ALRO - System van Roon (AC-1.35) Desktop Aviation
KLOOS (AC-1.30) Steel Constructions
KNM BEGEMANN (AC-2.27) Pipe Flow
Lici Transistor CdS (AC-1.41) Pocket Photographic
MILITAIRE REKENSCHIJF (AC-1.32) Military Terrain Analysis
MILITAIRE REKENSCHIJF (AC-1.33) Military Terrain Analysis - monochrome
MILITARY CALCULATOR (AC-1.nn) Military Terrain Analysis
MUD WEIGHT - FLOWING WELL B.I.P.M. (AC-2.02) Petroleum
Ned. Octr. Aangevr. (AC-1.03) Rietz
NIPO INDICATOR (AC-7.09) Statistics
Oil Spill (AC-7.06) Petroleum
PLANISFEER (AC-6.05) Desktop Astronomy - Northern Hemisphere
RADIOLOGISCHE REKENSCHIJF (AC-7.01) Pocket Military Radiation
Radiologsche rekenschijf PTT (AC-7.02a) Radiation
rekenschijf geluidsniveauverschil van gevels (AC-7.03) Building Facades
rekenschuif spoorweglawaai (AC-7.04) Transport
Roulette (AC-1.nn) Gambling
SHELL VISCOKLOK (AC-1.40) Petroleum
SIRKORSKY S-51 (AC-1.nn) Aviation - prototype
ST 9-430/2 (AC-1.34a) Military Artillery Range Finding (1 of 2)
ST 9-430/2 (AC-1.34b) Military Artillery Range Finding (2 of 2)
SYNRES (AC-2.23) Paint Conversion
T.K.F. (AC-1.45b) Waistcoat Rietz
Time Zones NEC (AC-6.04) Conversion
Truck Tyre Performance (AC-1.20) Commercial Transport
Van Kranenburg (AC-1.46b) Waistcoat Rietz
Verkeerslawaai (AC-7.05) Transport - green & black
WeM (AC-1.nn) Rietz
WeR2 5 (AC-1.07b) Rietz